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Five Kinds of People Who Are Prone To Back Pains

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Lower back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide. The majority of working professionals admit having back pain problems each year and it’s also a major cause for missing work. In fact, it is the fifth most common cause for hospitalization and third most cause of surgery. Despite having the option of getting physiotherapy services at home people still don’t realise the gravity of this matter and tend to risk it.
So, we did a little research and brought you the five kinds of people who are the most prone to getting these back aches and pains:
1. The long hour sitter:
This person’s long hours of sitting results in 40% more spinal pressure. Their posture would involve hours of lurching their head forward while working in front of their computer screen as opposed to having their lower back supported and keeping their head straight. They even ignore the importance of getting up and walking around for a few minutes to get water or even go outside to take a call since they are so engaged with their work.
2. Exercise skipper:
These people become less active after the back-pain strikes. They find this as the easiest way to deal with the pain which is more likely to delay the healing or make the condition worse. They fail to realise that they will benefit the most from more exercises like frequent walks which ease the stiffness. Because as it is often said, exercise increases strength and flexibility and also gives your muscles more energy to support you.
3. The heavy-load lifter:
These types of people tend to carry way more than they can lift. For example, a stuffed handbag, briefcase, backpack and even a heavy golf bag may cause back damage that’s comparable to a sports injury. Bearing a heavy bag can cause imbalances in their shoulders. Their body elevates the shoulder carrying the bag which disrupts the alignment of their spine and causes muscles to ache over time. Instead it is much easier to divide the load between multiple bags so as to distribute the load evenly.
4. The devourers of junk:
These kinds of people loved to indulge their cravings a little too often. All that junk food they consume is a threat to their heart, weight, and blood sugar which in turn cause harm to their back. It is also researched that people who suffer from back pains were more likely to have clogged arteries to the spine. Without healthy circulation the spine would receive no nutrients and hence cannot eliminate wastes. This also causes them inflammation that triggers nerves to send pain signals to the brain.
5. The back-pain ignorer:
These kinds of people try to block out the pain which could in turn make it worse. When in standard pain, they tend to find a temporary solution in order to suppress the pain and not solve the problem permanently. The best approach is to accept the pain which helps them mentally cope with it. Try thinking about the sensory details of the experience, not the negative emotions. If you have a back spasm, describe the pain to yourself, whether it’s burning or throbbing and remind yourself that it will pass.

Your back is in short, the support system for your entire body. If you can relate to any of the above, then you need to call for a Nightingales Physiotherapy home visit today. Here at Nightingale we offer physiotherapy services at home for both you and your loved ones. So, don’t ignore that back ache and get it checked instead with Nightingales physiotherapy at home.

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