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Automotive supplies

More than 20 years old, Com-Paint understands how ugly scratches might look on a new car. They make some of the best touch up paints and automotive su...

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Best car scratch pen

The car scratch pen from Com-Paint can fix the minute scratches like which are not deeper than the clear coat, and to say exactly it doesn’t actually ...

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Professional grade bike spray paint

If your bike needs touch up, you can use the bike spray paint from Com-Paint. Your bike will look good as new as you use the touch up paint from Com-P...

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Buy Com Paint Tyre Polish

When tyres get dirty or slowly start to fade a bit they can turn more grey than black. This grey color has a low contrast with light color paintwork. ...

Bikes, Delhi

Best Bike Scratch Remover Polish

A car polish uses abrasives to remove minor scratches and swirl marks from the car's surface. Polishing is used when the paint on the car has dimmed o...

Bikes, Delhi

Best Automotive Paint Supply

When deciding on the best automotive paint for refinishing a car, there are lots of factors to consider. Obviously, the aesthetic appeal is of utmost ...

Bikes, Delhi

Top Car Spray Paint Supplier

Using spray paint at home can be very practical since it saves a lot of time. The main thing is to find the right colour to fit the area you want to p...

Bikes, Delhi

Best Deep Car Scratch Remover

When we are looking after our cars, we spend a good amount of time on the outside appearance, right? After all, it’s the part of the car that most peo...

Bikes, Delhi

Best Industrial Spray Paints Supplier

Carefully painting and sealing a wide variety of equipment, racks, and hardware is essential to preventing corrosion. By preventing corrosion, you ens...

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Buy Automotive Spray Paint Supplies

Your car’s paint job does more than keep it looking new and shiny. It also serves as a skin that protects the metal and other surfaces from destructiv...

Cars & SUV's, Delhi | Other

Top Anti Corrosive Paint Supplier

Coatings with anti-corrosive properties ensure metal components have the longest possible lifespan. Com Paint is one of the top anti corrosive paint s...

Cars & SUV's, Delhi | Other

Best Auto Paint Manufacturer

When your car’s paint gets scratched or dinged, you will want to act fast and set up repair services at a body shop in your local area. While minor pa...

Cars & SUV's, Delhi | Toyota

Top Scratch Pen For Car

Actually, automotive finishing is one of the most important parts of auto manufacturing. Sure, the paint makes the car look good, which is important t...

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