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Phases Of Democracy And Dictatorship In Pakistan

Benazir Bhutto emerged as the first ever female Prime Minister of Pakistan in December 1988. Benazir was seen as a symbol of resistance by all those w...

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Afghan Peace Talks And The Unseen Future Of Afghanistan

Have the Taliban really changed or is it that the U.S. is looking for an escape? After several failed attempts to end fighting through diplomacy the r...

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Breaking The Debt Trap: Myths And Reality

Is coming out of the debt trap easier said than done for Pakistan’s New Government? Making Pakistan’s economy debt free remains one of the biggest asp...

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The Unshakable Saudi- Pak Relations Amidst The Changing Dynamics In South Asia

A friend in need is a friend indeed Achieving and securing ones national interests is the cornerstone of a country’s foreign policy in global politics...

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